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Gilbert Sheldon bust John Cheere Codrington Library

The Codrington Library Plaster Busts by John Cheere

All Souls College, Oxford University.

Part 14.   Dr Gilbert Sheldon (1598 - 1677).
Archbishop of Canterbury.

Fellow of All Souls.

Dr Gilbert Sheldon
Oil on canvas.
73.7 x 62.2 cms
All Souls College, Oxford.

Image courtesy Art UK.


Gilbert Sheldon
They say studio of Lely
1219 x 991 mm.
at Lyme Park

© National Portrait Gallery, London.


Gilbert Sheldon (1598–1677), Archbishop of Canterbury

Gilbert Sheldon
18th Century copy after Peter Lely

Oil on Canvas
121.8 x 91.

A gift from Thomas Ford in 1810

Trinity College, University of Oxford

Image Courtesy Art UK


Gilbert Sheldon, after Unknown artist, mid 17th century - NPG D16921 - © National Portrait Gallery, London

Gilbert Sheldon
Mid 17th Century engraving
88 x 67 plate size.

© National Portrait Gallery, London

Gilbert Sheldon, after Unknown artist, mid 18th century - NPG D29523 - © National Portrait Gallery, London

Gilbert Sheldon
After Lely
Mid 18th Century engraving
177 x 103 plate size

© National Portrait Gallery, London

Portrait of Gilbert Sheldon, when Bishop of London, half length in an oval frame on a pedestal, wearing skull-cap, collar and episcopal robes; coat of arms on pedestal. Engraving

Gilbert Sheldon when Bishop of London
after Peter Lely
 David Loggan
1658 - 63
281 x 180 mm.

Image British Museum

Portrait of Gilbert Sheldon, half-length, in an architectural oval surmounted with foliate scrolls, slightly turned to the right, dressed in a chimere over his rochet, a Canterbury cap on his head, his arms below, after Lely, , illustration to the eight v

Gilbert Sheldon
George Vertue
Illustration to the eight volume edition of Rapin and Tindall's "History of England" (1745)

177 x 104 mm.

Image British Museum

Portrait, three-quarter length, seated; wearing square cap, beard and mustache, and episcopal robes; holding a handkerchief in right hand and an open book in left hand; in the background, curtain, with floral pattern.  c.1665/85  Mezzotint

Gilbert Sheldon
Anonymous Mezzotint 
374 x 258 mm
1665 - 85.

British Museum

Coat of arms of Gilbert Sheldon, surmounted by crest of bishop's mitre at left and bird on helmet at right, in ornate frame, with swags of fruit behind and curtain above.  Etching

Coat of Arms of Gilbert Sheldon
Wenceslaus Hollar
108 x 76 mm
1652 - 67
Image - British Museum


All photographs taken by the author.

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