Wednesday 1 November 2017

The Marble Bust of Princess Amelia Sophia - Louis Francois Roubiliac.

The Marble Bust of Princess Amelia Sophia  (1711 - 86).
Ad Vivum
Signed by L. F. Roubiliac.
Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge.

Third Child (second daughter) of George II and Queen Caroline.

height, bust, 58.0, cm. height, socle, 14.8, cm. width, whole, 48.5, cm

Bought; 1955; T. H. W. Lumley, 

The former owner told Mrs K. Esdaile that the bust had been given by William Waldegrave, 1st Baron Radstock, to his sister Lady Caroline Waldegrave, daughter of the 3rd Earl Waldegrave. Her mother had been a Lady of the Bedchamber to the Princesses Amelia and Caroline, and the latter had been left £4,000 in the Princess's will.

Purchased with the S.G. Perceval Fund.

Inscription: below her left shoulder; inscribed; L.F. Roubiliac Scit ad vivum

Rococo: Art and Design in Hogarth's England. 1984-05-16 - 1984-09-30
Venue: Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Catalogue number: S 13

Photographed at the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge by the author.



Princess Amelia Sophia. 
Christian Friederick Zincke (1684/4 - 1767)
9.1 x 7.5 cms -outside 
Royal Collection


Prince Frederick, Anne, Princess Royal and Princess of Orange (1709 - 59) a the Harpsichord, Princess Caroline Elizabeth (1713 -57) playing a Mandora and Princess Amelia reading Milton's poetry, Kew Palace in the background.
Philip Mercier
Oil on Canvas
451 x 578 mm
National Portrait Gallery

There are three versions of this group portrait the other one set indoors in the Royal Collection and another with the National Trust.
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Portraits of George II, Queen Caroline, Prince Frederick, Princesses Anne, Amelia, Caroline, Prince William, Princesses Mary and Louise, all busts in ovals arranged in three rows of three.  Mezzotint

The Royal Family of George II
They say pub. Elizabeth Bakewell.
343 x 248 mm

British Museum


Portrait of Princess Amelia, cut from a print of George II, Queen Caroline, Prince Frederick, Princesses Anne, Amelia, Caroline, Prince William, Princesses Mary and Louise, all busts in ovals arranged in three rows of three.  Mezzotint


Princess Amelia
After Hans Hysing


Princess Amelia Sophia

Attributed to Thomas Hudson

Royal Collection.


Princess Sophia
after Hans Hysing
John Faber
286 x 206 
National Portrait Gallery.


Jacabo Amiconi (Amigoni)
ad vivum Engraving
Plate 361 x 282 mm.
Royal Collection.


Princess Amelia Sophia
Philip Mercier
Unknown Source.

Princess Anne
The Princess Royal
Philip Mercier 
Unknown source.

Princess Caroline Elizabeth
Philip Mercier
Image - unknown source.


Princess Amelia
125 x 97 cms


Princess Amelia
Attributed to Workshop of Jean Baptiste van Loo (1684 - 1745).
c. 1737

243 x 136 cms.

Purchased from the estate of James Gordon 1856

From the Athenaeum website
Society of Merchant Venturers.

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Princess Caroline Elizabeth (1713 - 57).
Jacobo Amigoni
127.6 x 103.2 cms
Current Location Unknown.


Tuesday 31 October 2017

Two Statues of Queen Caroline

Queen Caroline
Monument at Stowe.
Portland Stone
Attributed to Rysbrack


Queen Caroline
Henry Cheere
Queens College

Over the Gate way of Queens College, underneath a cupola facing onto the High Street.
Presented to the college in 1735 by the Provost Joseph smith in recognition of the queens gift of £1,000 to the building fund of the college in 1733.

Dr Magrath in The Queens College says that the cost of the statue was £125 - the design was approved by Dr George Clarke and Sir James Thornhill.

A Black plaster bust in the Lower Library is of the Queen and is perhaps a study for the head of this statue.

Info above from Catalogue of Portraits... Oxford,. Mrs Reginald Lane Poole, pub Oxford 1925.


Pages below from The Queens College Vol II by John Richard Magrath DD, pub. Oxford. 1921.

see - The Queens College, John Richard Magrath, 1921 available on line at

Image result for Hawksmoor Queens College Oxford

Photographs here by William Fox Talbot. 1843.

William Henry Fox Talbot: Part of Queens College, Oxford, September 1843


Sunday 29 October 2017

George I Marble bust by Michael Rysbrack - Christchurch Gallery, Oxford

George I 
A Marble Bust 
by Michael Rysbrack - 
Christchurch Gallery, Oxford.

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Photographs by the author
With many thanks to Jacqueline Kellerman. Curator at The Christ Church Picture Gallery for allowing me to photograph and publish this and the other Christ Church bust in this blog.

The lead Equestrian Statue of George I
Stowe, Buckinghamshire.

Photographs by the Author.


Lead Bust of George I

Private Collection

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