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Soane Museum 9 - Plaster Bust of Shakespeare

Soane Museum. 9 -

A Plaster Bust of Shakespeare.

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No size given, but presumably the same size as the Garrick Club bust by Shout illustrated below.

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This is a version of the bust of the plaster bust by John Cheere.
see the Wedgwood bust illustrated below.

I have written at some length on the various busts of Shakespeare.

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William Shakespeare.

Plaster Bust.

signed Shout.

Height 55 cms.

Photograph Garrick Club Website,

They say c. 1806.

Presented to the Garrick Club by Thomas F. Savany, 1834, or George Raymond, 1835, or John Poole, 1836.


William Shakespeare.

Plaster Bust.

Piertro Sarti.

Athenaeum Club.

Purchased from Sarti 1830.

This bust appears to have been either a cast taken from the Shout bust or using the Shout Moulds

for more detail see my post.


William Shakespeare.

Marble Bust.

Royal Collection.

The socle with the inscribed collar is probably a replacement.

There is no provenance for this bust prior to 1806.

Although the Royal Collection suggest that it is by Cheere - I would suggest that it was possibly sculpted in the Shout workshop in Holborn.

For much more on the Shout manufactory see my previous post.



Photograph in the Royal Library, St Georges Chapel at Windsor Castle in 1944.


The dealer Philip Mould has another version of this bust (below).

William Shakespeare.


Height 52 cms including the socle

Again I would suggest that the Shout workshop is possibly the source  - the detail of the dress is very similar -


William Shakespeare.

Marble Bust.

Peter Scheemakers.

Trinity College Library. Dublin.



12.75 ins.

After The bust by Scheemakers at Trinity College, Dublin.



Another version of Wedgwood's bust of Shakespeare.

Victoria and Albert Museum.

24.4 cms.

They say after a cast bought from John Cheere invoiced February, 1774.


William Shakespeare engraved by Hubert Gravelot.

National Gallery of Scotland.

Soane Museum 8 - Plaster bust of Christopher Wren and the marble bust in The Ashmolean Museum

Soane Museum 8 - 
Some notes on
Sir Christopher Wren F.R.S. (1632 - 1723)
Plaster bust.
late 18th /Early 19th Century.
After the original by Edward Pearce.
Sir Christopher Wren
The Marble Bust 
by Edward Pearce
Ashmolean Museum Oxford

Christopher Wren 


Low resolution photograph of the plaster bust of Christopher Wren from The St Paul's Cathedral website
Sizes - Height 76 x Width 61  x Depth 29 cms .

Another view of the St Paul's bust of Christopher Wren.

The form of the socle woul;d suggest that it was manufactured by the same caster as the Soane bust.


 Sir Christopher Wren (1632 - 1723).
Marble Bust 
Edward Pierce
Ashmolean Museum Oxford

Page from Catalogue of the Portraits ... University Colleges... Oxford, Poole

Sir Christopher Wren FRS
Edward Pearce (1635 - 95).
Height 66.1 cms.

Presented by Christopher Wren (his son) to the University of Oxford in 1737.
Transferred to the Ashmolean Museum in 1916.
Ashmolean Museum, Oxford.

Photographed by the author.

Pearce would have known Wren intimately. He joined the St Paul's Office as a Master Mason under Wren in 1678 and left in 1690.

Sir Christopher Wren FRS
after Sir Godfrey Kneller

St Paul's Cathedral.

There is another version in the National Portrait Gallery.
They say by Kneller


Christopher Wren
Klosterman (1660 - 1711).
143 x 121 cms
Originally framed together as a double portrait with his father Christopher Wren DD and later separated ( the portrait of Wren senior now missing).. Donated to the Royal Society in 1750 by Stephen Wren gandson of Sir Christopher

Royal Society

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Sir Christopher Wren, by David Le Marchand, circa 1720 - NPG 4500 - © National Portrait Gallery, London

Sir Christopher Wren
David le Marchand
Ivory Relief
127 x 92 mm
c. 1720
Purchased 1966.
Provenance a distant relation of the sitter

National Portrait Gallery


Sir Christopher Wren FRS
Wedgwood Jasparware
12.4 x 9.8 cms
Late 18th Century

After the Ivory relief by le Marchand in the NPG
Metropolitan Museum, New York.

Sir Christopher Wren FRS

Wedgwood Jasparware relief in gilt Metal Frame
Royal Collection

Royal Collection Trust/© Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2017

Portrait of Sir Christopher Wren, half length, in profile to the left, wearing wig and cloak; in octagonal frame on pedestal with arms; illustration to Christopher Wren (i.e. his grandson), 'Parentalia' (1750)  Engraving

Sir Christopher Wren FRS
Engraved from a bust by Coignard
Engraving from Parentalia by Christopher Wren Junior.

c. 1750

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Sir Christopher Wren
Arttributed to David le Marchand.
Ivory Relief
I think the monogram might be spurious. This relief has none of the quality of the relief at the NPG
British Museum

Christopher Wren
 after Godfrey Kneller
Engraved and Published by J Smith

Image from The Victoria and Albert Museum


Sir  Christopher Wren FRS.
Boxwood Relief


Bronze Medallion
Gotlieb Daniel Gaab (1714 - 84).
two medallions were exhibited at the Free Society, 5 King Street, Seven Dials, Covent Garden in 1783

Probably made to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the death of Wren