Thursday 14 January 2016

Possible Plaster Statuette after Scheemakers sold by Fenwick Bull

Fenwick Bull.
Figures and Models in Plaster.

Shakespeare after Scheemakers Kilmainham Dublin

A Statue of William Shakespeare.
 After the Original by Scheemakers.
 On Riversdale House, Kilmainham, Dublin. Ireland
Demolished 1969.
Unknown Date or Material
Riversdale House, probably originally had Dutch Billy gables, and was constructed entirely in stone rather than brick. Constructed about 1725 by a Dublin lawyer called John Fitzpatrick who sold it shortly afterwards to a legal colleague, Simon Bradstreet.
The Bradstreet family resided in the mansion throughout the 18th century, tending the formal gardens that stretched out in front of the house up to a splendid wrought iron gateway fronting the highway at Old Kilmainham. The house became tenements in the late 19th and early 20th centuries with most of the house demolished about 1965.
Where is it now?
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