Tuesday 6 June 2023

Some more Vandewall stuff.


Some more Vandewall, Neate, Williams stuff.

This link below ref Mrs Martha Vandewall, Thomas Neate, Thomas Needham. John Williams of Pant Howell, and his wife Martha Neate (daughter of Mrs Vandewall, wife of Sam. Vandewall widow of Harris Neate).

The marriage settlement of John Williams and Martha Neate.


The house of Panthowell, Trelech a'r Betws, Carmarthenshire, was owned by the Williams family for nearly three centuries. John Williams (d. 1773) was the last of the male line at Panthowell. 

The property passed to his daughter Margarette Vandewall Williams, who married the Rev. William Shippen Willes, of Cirencester, (d. 1822) in 1797; their son, William Willes, inherited the estate. 

By 1831, the estate consisted of Panthowell, Panthowell Mill, Crug y denyon and Ffynnon Sais. In 1834 the estate was sold to Lt-Col Thomas Samuel Nicholls (1787-1857), of Tenby, Pembrokeshire. In 1837, Nicholls adopted the name Trafford, his grandmother's family, and built a large mansion at Panthowell in c. 1850. His second wife, Maria, continued to live at Panthowell until her death in 1908. The property was then sold to local farmers.


From the website of dealers Antique Jewellers Ltd.

An oval face set with three dazzling old-cut diamonds on a blue guilloche enamel background. A border of white enamel with ornate gold detailing is surrounded by 22 pearls.


The reverse of this 18th-century ring is inscribed with the words 'Martha Vanderwall Williams ob. March 19 1789 at. 18'. The shank of this ring appears to have been attached at a later date, though the style of the join suggests this work was done a very long time ago. This ring may have had a different shank in the past that required replacing, or it may have been a brooch which was converted to a ring in the early 19th century


Mural Monument to Martha Vandewall Williams d. 1789..

Monument carved by C. Viner of Bath.

Died at the Hot Wells /on the 18th March 1789 /and in the 19th Year of her age /Martha Vandewall Williams /Eldest Daughter and Coheiress /of John Williams Esq'r /of Panthowell, /in the County of Carmarthen /and lies interred near this place.