Monday 22 March 2021

The Pier Angelo Sarti Plaster Busts at Wimpole Hall, Cambridge. Part 4 John Locke

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The Four Pier Angelo Sarti Plaster Busts at Wimpole Hall, Cambridge of Pope, Dryden, Milton and Locke

National Trust.

c.1820 - 40.

(Part 4).

John Locke.

after the original by John Cheere -  in the Wren Library, at Trinity College, Cambridge.

One of a set of four busts Pope, Milton Dryden and Locke cast and inscribed by Sarti now at Wimpole Hall, Cambridge (National Trust

Height 74 cms.

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Inscription - Sarti, Dean St, Soho.

Images above courtesy Art UK


The Bust of Locke in the Wren Library, Trinity College Cambridge supplied by John Cheere