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Bust of Boyle in the Long Room at Trinity College Library, Dublin.

The Marble Bust of Robert Boyle (1627 - 91). 
in the Long Room 
at Trinity College Library, 
Workshop of Louis Francois Roubiliac.

This portrait is probably derived from the engravings of the original oil portrait by Kerseboom
(see below).

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Photographs taken by the Author - 4 October 2016.


Robert Boyle, by William Faithorne, 1664 - NPG D22648 - © National Portrait Gallery, London

Robert Boyle.

Engraving by William Faithorne.

299 x 224 mm.



Portrait of Robert Boyle; half length, head turned to the right, wearing long wig and lace collar, in oval frame on pedestal.  Engraving

Robert Boyle.
Robert White.
After Kerseboom.
154 x 100 mm.
1670 - 1690.
British Museum.


Robert Boyle, by John Smith, after  Johann Kerseboom, 1689 (1689) - NPG D781 - © National Portrait Gallery, London

Robert Boyle.
after Kerseboom.
J Smith.
275 x 207 mm.


 Portrait, HLdirected slightly to right, looking away over right shoulder, holding a rolled print against his chest in right hand, wearing a pale coat, plain white cravat and shoulder-length pale wig; after van der Vaart.  1724  Mezzotint

Robert Boyle.
after Johannes Kerseboom.
Pieter Schenk - Amsterdam
248 x 180 mm
Early 18th Century.
British Museum


Robert Boyle

Bust in Queen Caroline's Hermitage, Richmond.


347 x 244 mm.

The  Marble bust of Boyle by Guelfi.

From Queen Carolines Hermitage Richmond,

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Another version of the Guelfi bust of Boyle.

At the Royal Socciety of Chemistry,

Burlington House, Piccadilly.

A marble bust of Boyle made by the Italian sculptor, Giovanni Battista Guelfi (fl. 1714-34), for Boyle’s distant relative, the 3rd Earl of Burlington, has recently come to light and is currently for sale at the Chelminski Gallery, 616 King’s Road, London, SW6. The bust, which was originally displayed at Lord Burlington’s Palladian villa, Chiswick House, and is believed to date from about 1723, is virtually identical to that commissioned by Queen Caroline for her grotto at Richmond in 1732-3. The latter survives in the royal collection at Kensington Palace and has long been well-known (it is discussed by R.E.W.Maddison in his exhaustive account of Boyle’s portraiture, and is reproduced as the frontispiece to the 2nd edition of J.F.Fulton’s Bibliography of Boyle, though in both places it is misattributed to J.M.Rysbrack).


Robert Boyle, by George Vertue, after  Johann Kerseboom, 1739 - NPG D32052 - © National Portrait Gallery, London
Engraving by George Vertue
after the original by Kerseboom in the collection of Richard Mead
424 x 289 mm.

Portrait, bust in an oval directed to left, head turned to right, looking towards the viewer, wearing a fringed cravat and long pale wig, with a palm, books, dividers, an air-pump, papers and other scientific artefacts at the base of the oval, a coat of arms on the plinth to left and light striking from between clouds in upper right corner; after Kerseboom.  1744  Mezzotint

Robert Boyle
after Johannes Kerseboom
Andrew Miller
pub. Dublin
348 x 250 mm
British Museum

Portrait of Robert Boyle; three-quarters length seated to right, head turned to left and glancing towards the viewer, right elbow resting on the arm of his upholstered chair and gesturing towards a book on a table to right, turning a page with his other hand, wearing a dark cloak, fringed white cravat and long brown wig; with a curtain and pillar behind; after Kerseboom; unlettered proof.  1744  Etching and engraving

Robert Boyle
engraving - unlettered proof
Frontispiece to 'Works of the Honourable Robert Boyle'.
after Johannes Kerseboom.
Bernard Baron
301 x 200 mm.

British Museum

Robert Boyle, after Johann Kerseboom, (circa 1689-1690) - NPG 734 - © National Portrait Gallery, London
Robert Boyle
The original portrait
Oil on Canvas.
Johann Kerseboom d.1708.
756 x 622 mm.

Robert Boyle
by John Riley.
oil on canvas.
762 x 635 mm.
Image Courtesy Royal Society

Robert Boyle
Johann Kerseboom
Oil on Canvas.
1270 x 1035 mm

Robert Boyle.

Royal Society.

Robert Boyle by Kerseboom
with dealer Philip Mould - Historical Portraits in 2001.


Four oval portraits with names, dates of death and age on scrolls under the upper pair and on inscription space under the lower pair; portrait of Boyle: directed to right, looking to front; portrait of Newton: directed towards right, looking to front, wig; portrait of Flamstead: directed towards right, looking to front, black gown, bands; portrait of Halley: directed towards left, looking to front; before division into separate portraits and letters erased  Mezzotint

The Honble Robert Boyl, Sr Isaac Newton, Mr John Flamsteed, Mr Edmund Hatley 
Poets and Philosophers of 
one of a set of six plates.
by John Simon
352 x 250 mm
c.1730 - 40
British Museum

This mezzotint portrait of Boyle is obviously derived from the painted portrait below attribute to Jonathan Richardson.


Low resolution portrait attrib. to Jonathan Richardson.

Royal Society of Chemistry.

Information very gratefully received from Michael Hunter.
Emeritus Professor Michael Hunter, Department of History, Classics and Archaeology, Birkbeck College, University of London.

For an introduction to the Life and Works of Boyle one can do no better than visit

Professor Hunter also pointed me to the medallion below -

Image result for Cavalier Medallion Robert Boyle

Cast brass medal.

Bronze or Brass Medallion cast by Carl Reinhold Berch from an ivory by Jean Cavalier 1690.

British Museum.

Bust of Locke in the Long Room Trinity College Library, Dublin.

The Marble Bust of Locke 
in the Long Room Trinity College Library, 
Peter Scheemakers
Signed PS. Ft

All of the busts of Locke are based on the original portrait by Godfrey Kneller

Portrait of John Locke, half-length to front, with head turned to look towards right; wearing a loose gown over shirt with high collar; in an oval frame decorated with Acanthus leaves on top, placed on a pedestal, with coat of arms in front; after Kneller.  1713  Engraving

John Locke
after Godfrey Kneller
George Vertue
251 x 162 mm.

© The Trustees of the British Museum


.Portrait of John Locke, half-length to front, with head turned to look towards right; wearing a loose gown over shirt with high collar; in an oval frame decorated with Acanthus leaves on top, placed on a pedestal, with coat of arms in front; after Kneller

John Locke
Engraving after Godfrey Kneller
by George Vertue
178 x 101 mm. 

© The Trustees of the British Museum 


Portrait, half length in an oval frame, open collar and gown. 1721  Mezzotint

John Locke

Mezzotint after Kneller 
John Smith
346 x 250 mm.

© The Trustees of the British Museum 


Portrait, half length, statue in an oval niche, facing front, directed towards right, with a cape draped around his shoulders and an open collar; one of five plates; state published by C Bowles.  Mezzotint

Marble Bust of John Locke.

from the bust by Guelfi in Queen Carolines Hermitage at Richmond.
Mezzotint John Faber the Younger
354 x 253 mm
© The Trustees of the British Museum 

For an in depth article on Queen Carolines Hermitage and the sculpture

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John Locke, portrait, almost half-length in ovals formed of palm branches, directed to right, looking towards the viewer, wearing loose gown over an open shirt, own hair; from a set of six.  Mezzotint
John Locke 
Mezzotint Francis Kyte
from Worthies of Britain
cut from the larger plate of four worthies
(see below)

174 x 123 mm

Worthies of Britain, by Francis Kyte, after 1725 - NPG D1443 - © National Portrait Gallery, London

Mezzotint Francis Kyte

350 x 250 mm.
National Portrait Gallery

Portrait of John Locke; half length, head turned towards  right; wearing a loose gown over shirt with high open collar; with short hair; in oval frame with books, branches, and title on cartuoche below.  Etching and engraving

John Locke
Engraving after Kneller
167 x 105 mm.
c 1750.

© The Trustees of the British Museum 


John Locke

The original oil on canvas
now in the Hermitage
From the Collection of Sir Robert Walpole
 at Houghton Hall, Norfolk.

76 x 64 cms


John Locke 
Oil on Canvas 
after the original by Kneller of 1704
749 x 622 mm.
on display at Westminster School

National Portrait Gallery.


John Locke
Medallion by Dassier
43 mm

see my previous blog post on Dassier's British Worthies of c. 1733.