Sunday 11 December 2016

Bust of Thomas Herbert 8th Earl of Pembroke and The Busts in the Long Room of the Library at Trinity College Dublin

The Marble Bust of Thomas Herbert (1656 - 1733),
 8th Earl of Pembroke
Attorney General to 
in the Long Room
Trinity College Library, Dublin.
Peter Scheemakers
Signed P.S. Ft.

Thomas Herbert, 8th Earl of Pembroke.
Photographed by the Author.
4 October 2016.

President of the Royal Society 1689 - 90,
Lord Lieutenant of Ireland 1707 - 8.


Thomas Herbert, Earl of Pembroke
Mezzotint - John Smith.
After Willem Wissing
346 x 252 mm.
British Museum.


'Their Excellencies the Lords Justices of England, for the administration of the Government during the absence of the King', by Robert White, 1695 - NPG D19654 - © National Portrait Gallery, London

Thomas Herbert
8th Earl of Pembroke
Top Right

National Portrait Gallery

Thomas Herbert (1656–1733), 8th Earl of Pembroke, Lord-Lieutenant of Monmouthshire and Attorney General to Charles II

Thomas Herbert, 8th Earl of Pembroke
By Willem Wissing
oil on canvas
738 x 613 mm

Gwent Archives

The Marble Busts 
in the Long Room 
of the Library at Trinity College, 

For the Trinity website see -

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see -

Image courtesy of the Trinity College Art Collections

Thomas Malton.


Photograph by the Author 4 October 2016

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  1. Hello. I’m grateful for your blog post and pictures. I work in a hospital and an image of this bust(with the name cut off), and books in background appeared. This was a presentation regarding law, specifically ADA Act and disability accommodations. I suspected that it was not a bust of some random lawyer dude. An image search turned up other “law” type usages. I then found your blog and the bust of Milton. The lighting and background looked similar and I wondered if Trinity Library also had this bust and I figured you would have this in one of your posts and you did! I looked him up and he was an Earl and statesman. Not sure if he was a barrister or had anything to do with laws. Dunno how his bust came to be used as a stock photo for “law”. Anyway, thanks!