Tuesday 14 January 2014

       The Plaster Busts of Alexander Pope by Roubiliac.
There are also 4 Plaster busts of Pope which also might have come from the Roubiliac studio.


The British Museum version which is a softened plaster version of the Barber Terra cotta, which was purchased by Dr Matey at the Roubiliac Sale in 1762, the Felbrigg and Duval versions which are both Shipley types and the Milton/Fitzwilliam Type at Hughendon Manor which appears to be a direct cast from the Milton Marble of this bust although it is very thickly over painted. The inscription Uni Aequus Virtuti Atque ejus Amicus.
can just be made out. See the Roubiliac sale catalogue (B.M.).


                                      The Hughenden Bust of Pope.
Any others busts in Marble or plaster would appear to be copies by Nollekens, Cheere, Flaxman the elder etc.

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