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7 - Dassier - The Medallions of the Kings and Queens of England - 1731

The Medallions of the Kings and Queens of England, 1731.
by Jean Dassier (1676 - 1763).
Part 7.
Each Medallion 41 mm diam.
All images courtesy Ben Weiss - I am very grateful for his support and assistance.
I would like to thank Professor Ben Weiss, Emeritus Professor of Pharmacology and Physiology
Drexel University College of Medicine,
 for allowing me to reproduce the photographs and captions.
A visit to his website is essential for anyone interested in pre 19th century European Medallions.
Queen Anne
Obv: Bust of Anne    ANNA D.G. M. BR. FR. ET HIB. REGINA.
Rev: A sarcophagus, upon which an obelisk has been erected. At left, Fame blowing her trumpet, draws open a curtain to reveal a bust of Prince George. At right a putto points to the portrait. On the lid of the sarcophagus is Victory seated on the barrel of a cannon amidst a pile of captured standards, cannons and cannon balls. She is depicted in the act of recording the deeds of the reign upon a shield.
Exergue:  NATA. 6. FEBR. 1665. CORONAT. 23. APR. 1702. MORT. 1. AVG. 1714.
Signed: I.D.
Ref: M.I. ii, 417/292; Eimer 72/462; Eisler I, 264/32; Thompson 33/31
George I.
Obv: Bust of George I    GEORGIUS. I. D. G. MAG. BR. FR. ET. HIB. REX.
Rev: Tomb, on one side of which is Justice, holding her sword in her right hand and resting her left arm on a book. At right is Peace holding an oak cluster.  NAT. 18. MAI. 1660. CORONAT. 21. OCT. 1714. M. 12 IUN. 1727
Signed:  I.D.
Ref: M.I. ii, 475/94; Eimer 77/508; Eisler I, 264/33; Thompson 34/32
Queen Caroline
Obv: Bust of Caroline    CAROLINA. D. G. MAG. BR. FR. ET. HIB. REG.
Rev: Charity seated with four children alluding to the character of the queen, who is said to have spent a substantial portion of her income on charitable purposes.  DILECTA DEO ET HOMINIBUS (Beloved of God and Man)
Signed: J. DASSIER / I.D.
Ref: M.I. ii, 499/44; Eimer 78/524; Eisler I, 252/2; Thompson 34/33

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