Friday, 21 December 2018

Roubiliac Figures at the Sale of Thomas Major 1800

The Roubiliac Figures of Painting and Sculpture.
at the Sale of Thomas Major (1720 - 99).
at his home at 5 Tavistock Row, Covent Garden.
by Leigh and Sotheby on 21 April 1800.
Lot 22.

Also Lot 15 Roubiliac's Anatomy.

Thomas Major (1720 – 30 December 1799) was an English engraver. Worked with Hubert Gravelot and went to Paris in 1745. In England, he became engraver to Frederick, Prince of Wales; he was the first engraver appointed by the Royal Academy of Arts elected associate engraver in 1770, and became chief seal engraver to the King in 1756.

In 1760 Roubiliac Exhibited at The Royal Academy two figures of Painting and Sculpture on a pediment along with an unspecified Marble Busto and a model of Shakespeare.

These figures were for Thomas Hudsons Parlour Chimneypiece and the Shakespeare for Garrick Thames side Villa.

Thomas Major
Self Portrait