Monday 5 February 2024

Giovanni Pichler - Hewetson in Rome (Part 7).

Hewetson in Rome.

Giovanni Pichler (Johan Anton Pikler). (1697 - 1779)

Gem Engraver

Marble bust by Christopher Hewetson.

Originally placed in the Pantheon

Primopteca Capitalino, Rome.

Palazzo Senatorio.

Teresa Pichler and the bust of her father.

Portrait in the Palazzo Pitti, Florence

The painting was purchased by Cesare Monti of Rome in 1915 for 500 lire, the portrait depicts Teresa Pichler, or Pikler (1767-1834) daughter of the famous gem cutter, Giovanni, depicted in the marble bust next to the effigy. The bust of Pichler (Naples 1734-Rome 1791) was created by the sculptor Christopher Hewetson in 1791. Teresa married the poet Vincenzo Monti in 1791. (SP)


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