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Azara by Hewetson - Hewetson in Rome (Part 6)


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José Nicolás de Azara (1703-1804), Marquis of Nibbiano.

Bronze bust.

on a turned coloured marble socle.

Spanish Diplomat.

The Busts of Azara by Christopher Hewetson.

see -

The Prado Bronze Bust.


Inscribed - JOS. IAS. AZARA / Non ultra fas trepidat / MDCCLXXIX .

The inscription on the bust refers to some verses that the Latin poet Horace dedicated to Maecenas (Ode III, 29) and which, translated as "No more distressed than he should" ?

The bronze busts of Azara and Mengs seem to have been made to be paired and should I believe be considered together



Bust of Azara.


Height 66 cms

Inscribed F. RIGHETTI F.ROMAE 1792.

After Christopher Hewetson.

Cast in Rome.

Sold Sotheby's Paris.

The portrait of the diplomat was made in marble in 1781 to match the effigy of his painter friend, both preserved at the Promoteca Capitolina in Rome. A pair of the two bronze men is in the Mazarine Library in Paris (see op. cit ). A third bronze portrait of Azara, identical to ours, was recently acquired by the Colegio de San Gregorio national museum in Valladolid. The counterpart of our bronze, the portrait of Mengs also cast in 1792 by Righetti, is kept in Williamstown, at the Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute (cf. Gazette des Beaux Arts , 1999, p. 58, fig. 218).



Azara by Mengs


Mengs and Azara. 

White biscuit terracotta


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