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Samuel Vandewall (1719 - 61) and William Hogarth.

 Samuel Vandewall (1719 - 61) and William Hogarth.

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I have, on and off, continued to add biographical information on the Vandewall Family and William Seward in relation to the ownership of the marble bust of Alexander Pope by Roubiliac.

This bust was in the ownership of Mrs Martha Vandewall wife of Samuel Vandewall who gave it to William Seward (d.1799).

On his death William Seward left the bust in his will to banker William Morland.

This post repeats a previous post but adds the (poor quality) images of the subscription details of the engravings ordered by Samuel Vandewall from William Hogarth in June 1751.

So far there is no evidence as to where this bust originated before entering the possession of Mrs Vandewall. It is most likely that it was one of the two marble busts of Pope remaining in the studio of Roubiliac sold in his posthumous sale in 1762.

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I have attempted to make links between the Vandewalls and the St Martin's Lane Academy set.

We know that a member of the group, the architect Isaac Ware was involved in the conversion of Lindsey House, Lincolns Inn Fields into two separate dwellings in 1750 - one of which became the home of the Vandewalls and the other by the Schiffners.

A portrait of Samuel Vandewall in van Dyck costume was painted by Thomas Hudson in 1744, his step children Thomas Neate and Charlotte Neate and his infant son who died were painted by Joshua Reynolds.

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From the collection of the Christchurch Art Gallery, NewZealand.

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