Wednesday 17 October 2018

Roubiliac Monuments in Wrexham Church, Part 1.

The Roubiliac Monuments.

  St Giles Parish Church,

Part 1.

The Monument to Mrs Mary Myddleton (1688 - 1747).

Louis Francois Roubiliac.

To the memory of Mrs. Mary Middleton (daughter of Sir Richard, and sister to Sir William Myddleton, of Chirk Castle), who died April 8th, 1747 aged 59. 

The monument, which was erected by William Lloyd, Esq., of Plas Power, her executor and devisee, and bears an inscription recording that the deceased lady.

"By a life of true religion and virtue, illustrated the eminence derived from birth, and the advantages glowing from an excellent education, her superior understanding and great politeness ever commanded the highest respect and esteem: her amiability and unaffected benevolence rendered her delightful and amiable to all; in her principles unshaken in her friendship steady; constant in her charity, the misfortunes of other she felt with compassionate tenderness and relieved with a generosity truly magnificent, so that her conduct in this life demonstrated how steadfastly she had fixed her hopes upon a better."

All Photographs above taken by the author.


The monument in the 19th Century before alteration and removal of the framing.


Images courtesy National Trust - Chirk Castle.


St Giles is also the location of the grave of Elihu Yale, who founded Yale College in the United States. Just west of the tower is his grave with the following epitaph.

Born in America, in Europe bred,
In Africa travell'd, and in Asia wed,
Where long he lov'd and thriv'd;
At London dead.


Wrexham and St Giles Church



Image courtesy British Museum.

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