Sunday 29 April 2018

Christopher Wren but by John Cheere, Codrington Library

The Codrington Library Plaster Busts by John Cheere

All Souls College, Oxford University.

Part 11, Sir Christopher Wren.

For a fairly in depth look at the portraits and sculptures of Sir Christopher Wren see my post -

Sir Christopher Wren
Godfrey Kneller.

A portrait of Sir Christopher Wren (1632–1723), bewigged, seated in a red velvet side chair, left hand to his waist. He is dressed in a black velvet coat with gold buttons and breeches with a white neck scarf.
Wren's achievement is alluded to by the pair of dividers which he holds, the copy of 'Euclid' and the plan of the West End of the Cathedral.


Sir Christopher Wren
After Godfrey Kneller

Christopher Wren son of Sir Christopher


All photographs above taken by the author with a telephoto lense, under very difficult conditions.
The light was very low, and all the busts are about 20 ft above the floor on top of the bookcases.

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