Thursday 31 December 2015

The Rysbrack Statuettes of Rubens, van Dyck and du Quesnoy, Part 28. The 19th Century Bronzes.

The 19th Century Bronze Statuettes of Rubens and van Dyck.
V and A website for the Museums pair of bronzes of van Dyke and Rubens.
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" This statuette representing Sir Peter Paul Rubens (1577-1640) and it's companion, representing Van Dyck (V&A mus. no. A.23-1955) both form a pair. These statuettes were identified by Margaret Whinney as those formerly in the Hospital of St. John and St. Elizabeth, Grove End Road, London.
On acquisition this statuette and its companion figure were thought to be by Rysbrack. They are now to be known as cast after a model by Rysbrack of about 1743. This present piece is cast by L. Genneau in ca. 1850.
Sold at the Pantechnicon, Motcomb Street, Sotheby's, Belgravia - information Peter Hone.
Anthony van Dyck.
Christie's South Kensington.
Sir Anthony van Dyck.
Sold 16th June 2015 
by Jacksons (Auctioneers), Cedar Falls, USA.
Peter Paul Rubens.
Height 23.75 inches.
With Art Bronze Inc,
of San Fernando, California.
Peter Paul Rubens.
Government Art Collection.
Signed on the pillar Mich. Rysbrack 1743.
Height 60 cms.
Purchased Peel and Humphris in 1964.
Current thinking is that all these bronzes are 19th century possibly from a Belgian Foundry.

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