Wednesday 30 December 2015

The Rysbrack Statuettes of Rubens, van Dyck and du Quesnoy, Part 27. A Wood and Caldwell Figure of van Dyck.

A Statuette of van Dyck by Wood and Caldwell
After Rysbrack.
van Dyck
After Rysbrack
Height 22 inches.
 Glazed earthenware in imitation of Bronze. 
       Impressed mark underneath "WOOD & CALDWELL".
Wood and Caldwell of Burslem, Staffordshire.
Factory in operation from 1790 until July 1818.
On 1st January 1791 Enoch Wood (1759-1840) entered into partnership with James Caldwell (1760?-1838). Enoch Wood purchased James Caldwells share in 1818 for £27,000.  After this Enoch went into business with his sons.
For more on James Caldwell see -
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Glazed Earthenware in Imitation of Bronze
Stamped Wood and Caldwell.

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