Thursday 6 August 2015

Project for Busts of the Kings and Queens of England for Queen Caroline.

The Busts for Queen Caroline's Library in St James's Palace, I.
Mezzotints by John Faber the Younger (1684 -1756), c 1731.
Mezzotints - each bust length in semi-circular niche with titles and dates below. From John Faber the Younger's series of ten plates of English Kings and Queens, from William I to Prince William Augustus, Duke of Cumberland.
It is unusual to find the print intact as most often the individual portraits were cut from the plate to distribute individually.
Mezzotint by John Faber Jnr, 1731
Pub Thomas Bowles.
Mezzotint of King William II by John Faber Jnr
Mezzotint  of King Henry I by John Faber Jnr
Mezzotint of King Stephen John Faber Jnr.
Mezzotints from British Museum.

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