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Arthur Devis - Sculpture in the Paintings

Sculpture in the Portraits paintings of Arthur Devis (1712 - 87).

Mr Mrs Richard Bull
Oil on canvas, 67 x 54 cm
Harris Museum and Art Gallery, Preston.

Another portrait of the Bulls -
Signed and dated at Right - ADevis fe 1747.
Oil on Canvas, 107.3 x 87cms
Metropolitan Museum. New York. Lent by New York University.
see - Mr Devis and Mr Bull, dowloadable PDF
by Katherine Baetjer and Josephine Dobkin of the Metropolitan Museum, New York


Lascelles Raymond Iremonger.
Oil on canvas, 65.5 x 58.5 cm
National Trust, Uppark, West Sussex

John Tomlinson and Family
Oil on canvas, 24 x 40 1/8 in. (60.9 x 101.9 cm)
Inscribed at lower left: A Devis fe 1745.

Art Institute of Chicago.


Children in an Interior
Oil on Canvas. 99.1 x 126.4 cm.
Yale, Paul Mellon Centre for British Art.

Mr and Mrs Robert Dashwood of Vellow Wood, Stogumber, Somerset.
Oil on Canvas, 111.8 x 96.5 cms. Signed and dated 1750.
Sold Lot 50 July 16th 1975 Sotheby's London
Formerly with Leger Gallery.
Current location unknown.

Robert Dashwood married Mary Sweeting (23 Feb. 1749 in Taunton), and died in 1769 (buried 2 Dec. in Bicknoller.

Son - Vice Admiral Sir Charles Dashwood (1765 - 1847), Daughter Sarah Hay (b.1751), Hannah Ogilvie (1753 -1833): Robert Dashwood. 1756 - 1824) Indian Civil servant. 

Note - Not of Stamford Park, Nottingham which was acquired after the death of Robert Dashwood senior.


The Family of John Bacon.
Oil on Canvas 76.2 x 131.1 cms.
Yale, Paul Mellon Centre for British Art.
Provenance by descent John Bacon, Sir Percy Loraine, purchased by Paul Mellon from Spink and Son, London 1968.
John Bacon elected 1750 Fellow of the Royal Society. d 26 Jun 1752 at Bath and buried in the Abbey Church.
son of William and Margaret Bacon - Married 23 August 1732, Catherine, daughter of Richard and Mary Lowther.

John Bacon of Staward Peel, Northumberland and Newcome Cap, Durham son of William Bacon
Governor of Bridewell and Bethlehem Hospitals

I include this painting, certainly on of the finest by Devis because it includes the grisailles or portrait reliefs either side of the doorway. Sir Francis Bacon, Sir Isaac Newton, John Milton and Alexander Pope. with a portrait of Edmund Halley in the room behind the arch. Also in the window a transit quadrant, reflecting telescope, air pump and bell jar, small compass microscope on the table and  celestial and terrestrial globes underneath.

John Bacon d. 1752.
Newspaper cutting from Bath in Time

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