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Some more Busts of Alexander Pope - by Various Hands.


        Some more Marble and Plaster busts of Alexander Pope.


 Marble Bust of Alexander Pope (Landi Type) - Probably 19th century.
                 Condition is distressed but had not been repolished - photographed April 2001.
                                           Not a masterpiece but captures the likeness.
                                                           Private collection Twickenham.

Scan from Wimsatt

Note. Daniel Landi (c.1838-1925) married Agnes Walker in 1860 at St Philip, Bethnal Green, when he was described as a moulder, age 21, of 10 Collingwood St, with his father named as Charles Landi, also a moulder.

n censuses, Daniel Landi was listed in 1861 at 101 Leather Lane as a moulder and figure maker, age 22, with wife Agnes, a mourning flower maker, and in 1871 at 38 Charles St, Saffron Hill, as a moulder, age 32, with wife Agnes.

In 1880 Landi took over premises at 1 Leather Lane, which had been occupied by Domenico Brucciani (qv) until his death earlier the same year, raising the possibility that Landi had managed these branch premises for Brucciani. 

Landi was recorded at this address in subsequent censuses, in 1881 as a moulder and modeller, age 42, born Lucca, with mother Maria and sister Agnes, age 38, born Clerkenwell, and in 1891 and 1901 as a modeller. 

He died in 1925, age 87, in the Holborn district. In a notice concerning his estate, he was described as an architectural modeller (London Gazette 16 February 1926). Information from Peter Malone, Bath


Bust at Popes Villa in the Daily Graphic, 2010.
Another Plaster by Daniel Landi. 36 Charles St, Leather Lane.

Another photograph of the entrance of Popes grotto circa 1900.

Marble bust of Alexander Pope sold by auctioneers Tennants, Leyburn. Yorkshire.
This is a loose copy of the Scheemakers bust now in the Met. Museum N.Y. by a much lesser hand

Photograph of three Cheere type with Cheere type socles in a back room at Calke Abbey - Unsigned.

National Trust photograph of the Pope bust at Calke Abbey.Very similar to the Twickenham Bust (but without turban) and the Landi bust.

A Plaster bust of Pope signed JP Papern (Papera) 16 Marylebone St, Golden Square, was in the possession of Mrs Webb and mentioned in her book Michael Rysbrack, Sculptor, 1954 p. 78.
Note Bartholomew Papera  fl. 1790 d.1815.early 19th century plaster figure seller.

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