Thursday 15 February 2024

Hewetson in Rome (Part 21). The Kniphausen Busts.


Herr and Frau von Kniphausen (sometimes Knyphausen).

A Pair of Marble Busts.

by Chistopher Hewetson.

The bust of Herr von Kniphausen is inscribed Christoforus Hewetson Hibernus Fecit 1783.

The bust of Frau von Kniphausen unsigned.

Provenance - in the sitters family at Schloss Tamsel Custrin, Brandenberg.

These busts have not been seen since before 1945.

In 1945 the castle was briefly the headquarters of the Soviet Marshal Georgy Zhukov. The castle largely escaped destruction during the war.

They were recorded at the Schloss Tamsel, Brandenburg in 1937, in Den Kunstdenkmaler der Provinz Brandenberg Stadt: und Landskreiss Landsberg Warthe. Vol VII/3 1937 page 218.

Currently these are the best images available.

Information and the images here taken from Christopher Hewetson, by Brian de Breffny, Irish Arts Review (1984-1987), Vol. 3, No. 3 (Autumn, 1986), pp.


A Plaster version of this bust of Frau Knyphausen was recorded in a private collection in Berlin in Thieme Becker's Allgemeines Lexicon der Bildenden Kunstler, Leipzig 1907 1950 under the entry for Hewetson. It states that the bust was signed and dated 1784.

Its whereabouts today remain unknown.

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