Wednesday 19 July 2023

The Notebooks of Kelsick Wood 1.


The Notebooks/ Sketchbooks/ Journals of Kelsick Wood, 1.

at The National Maritime Museum Archives.

Post in preparation.

So far I have only had complete access to three of these little books.

There are six in total - three with a private collector, two with the National Maritime Museum Greenwich and another numbered on the cover 6 and dated 1837 with the Maryport Maritime Museum.

I am very grateful to the staff at the National Maritime Museum Library for allowing me access and for facilitating the photography.

All photographs of the NMM books taken by me 18 August 2022.


The first which I will cover here is the NMM sketchbook of about 1835/6. Their ref. SPB/45/1

From the collection of Richard Hunter a specialist in ships carving and sold directly to the NMM in 2021. Unfortunately Mr Hunter died in May 2022.


The second notebook at the NMM is dated 1839. NMM Ref. SPB/45/2

This was acquired prior to 

This was acquired separately from their other notebook.

The Maryport Maritime Museum Notebook was bought from Auctioneers Mitchells of Cockermouth, 14 June 2018.

I contacted them and they kindly put the previous owner in touch with me - unfortunately the notebook came from the collection of her father who had died in 1991 - she was unable to supply any further information.

I am very grateful to Sue Fox of the Maryport Maritime Museum for providing me with a copy of their notebook.


The NMM Kelsick Wood Sketchbook/ notebook No. 1.

NMM ref. SPB/45/1

Size approx 7" x 5".

A few selected drawings - Indian Ink and watercolour.

There is nothing distinct to date this book, but its format is very close to the two other books that I have so far had access to and been able to examine closely.

It has no annotations or explanatory text.

It is my belief that there are no copyright issues with these exquisite little paintings.

Proposed? Figurehead of the Lord Lowther.

Ship launched 1 Dec 1835 (this needs to be confirmed).

Detail drawing of the stern board from the drawing above.


I have chosen these images at random - mostly because they give details of proposed? ships carvings.

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