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Portraits of Frances Vandewall and her mother Mary Ingram by William Hoare of Bath.

 The Pastel Portraits of Mrs Frances Vandewall, 

and her mother Mrs Mary Ingram. 

probably late 1730's.

by William Hoare of Bath (1706 -99).

(Post in preparation.)

I am extremely grateful to art historian Tancrède Hertzog for alerting me to the existence of these two portraits and providing me with the photographs.

Whilst not immediately relevant to the study of portrait sculpture in the 18th century, these two portraits help to place members of the wealthy Quaker Vandewall family into the artistic milieu of the mid 18th century.

I have previously written at some length on the Vandewall family in particular about Samuel and Martha Vandewall and the ownership of Mrs Vandewall and William Seward of the bust of Alexander Pope by Roubiliac.

From 1751 the Vandewalls lived at Lindsey House, Arch Row, Lincolns Inn Fields, its conversion into two houses was designed by Isaac Ware - his family were painted by Reynolds, Hudson, Knapton Benjamin West and miniatures by Gervase Spencer.



For the most recent catalogue of the works of William Hoare by Neil Jaffares see -




Frances Ingram (d. 1765) married Joseph Vandewall (b. 1714 - 1739) older brother of Samuel Vandewall in 1737. 

Frances Ingram daughter of Joseph Ingram of Cheapside, Linen Draper, amongst those at the wedding were the apothecary Silvanus Bevan, Joseph Moore, and many of the Ingram family.

Joseph Vandewall died in 1739 at French Ordinary Court in the hospital of the Crutched Friars. 

He leaves to his dear wife Frances his personal estate and the reversion of an estate at Greenwich “settled on testator” by his father in law Joseph Ingram on his Marriage.


She later married Captain George Augustus Killigrew (1717-1757). He served in Col. Douglas' Regiment of Marines, and they were married in June 1753.


Christies, London, Lot 123,  4 July 2023.


61 x 45.7 cms.

A few notes - Frances Vandewall, nee Ingram, Widow of Joseph Vandewall.

After the death of Joseph Vandewall she married to Captain George Killigrew.

Captain George Augustus Killigrew was born sometime before 1719. He was the son of Thomas Killigrew.

He served in Col. Douglas' Regiment of Marines according to the 1740 Army list: Captain George Augustus Killigrew, commission dated 10 Dec 1739, Ensign 17 Dec 1735 on 10 December 1735.

Captain George Augustus Killigrew married Isabella Unknown before 1743.

Captain George Augustus Killigrew and Frances Vandewall obtained a marriage licence on 27 June 1753 at London.

Captain George Augustus Killigrew married Frances 
Vandewall after 27 June 1753.

Capt. George Augustus Killigrew to Sir R Wilmot. Scheme to dispose of his troop and retire on the half-pay of captain on the Irish establishment. Stewart Douglass willing to resign half-pay for him.
George died before 20 August 1757 at Bond Street, Soho, Westminster.

His will was proved on 20 August 1757 at the Prerogative Court of Canterbury. He was a Captain in the Regiment of Carabiniers.


Mrs Joseph Ingram nee Mary Bellers.

Mrs Ingram, Cheapside - All Paid.

Mary Ingram (Mrs Joseph Ingram).

Joseph Ingram, Cheapside, Linen Draper.


Mary Ingram

INGRAM, MARY. Widow of Joseph Ingram, late of Cheapside, London, Linen Draper.

July 14, 1749[sic]. February 1, 1797.  5.189.

To dau. Frances Vandewall. Confirms settlement which sd. Joseph Ingram and she made on their dau. at the time of her marriage with JosephVandewall. 

To son Thomas Ingram, all her estate at Hoxton Parish of St. Leonard Shoreditch Co. of Middlesex, all Freehold Lands to which she is entitled by will of her late father John Bellers and her aunt ElizabethFettiplace in Counties of Wilts, Oxford and Berks, also lands in PA and West NJ. Estates held under the Dean and Chapter of Gloucester &c. 

To son Samuel Ingram £4,400. To Susannah, widow of Benjamin Clerk and Christobell Lund, wife of Benjamin Lund of Bristoll, daus. of Robert Ingram, December'd, bro. of sd. late husband. 

To Ann Tarbox wife of Joseph Tarbox of Winthmore Hill.

Execs: Sons Thomas and Samuel Ingram.

Wit: John Howell, Tho. Cater, John Halfpenny. Jarvis Kendrick of London, gentleman, affirmed.


BELLERS, JOHN. Late of London, Merchant, now of Coln St. Alwins in Co. of Gloucester, Gentleman.

March 3, 1724/5. February 1, 1797.  5.193.

To cousin Ann Bellers of Upton, Co. of Worcester. To dau. Mary, the wife of Joseph Ingram property at Greenwich, Co. of Kent, now let to Richard Walker and George Crad, weaver, and late in occupation of

Philip Rutt, ground lately held by Thomas Norman, brewer and now by Capt. Medcalfe who married his widow. 

Lands at Little Anlue, Parish of Austin Cantls, in the Co. of Warwick and lands at Lim Hill, Parish of Letchlad, Co. of Gloucester, some of which dau. Mary and her husband Joseph Ingram have settled by deed upon their sister Theophila and her husband John Elliott, merchant, then of Falmouth, now of London. 

In trust to sd. dau. Theophila, wife of sd. John Elliott. To Committee of Friends workhouse. To cousin Thomas Church, things from Kensington that were sister Elizabeth Fettiplace's. 

To Public Libraries of London and Westminster and Oxford and Cambridge. 

In trust to cousin Jacob Harvey, merchant and cousin John Mucklow, silk man, all lands at Poulton, Co.

of Wilts, which are not before settled on son Fettiplace Bellers, also lands at Remerton, Co. of Warwick, lands at Radcott, Co. of Oxford, lands at Lemhill, Parish of Langford, Co. of Berks, lands at Islington,Co. of Middlesex, lands in Pensilvania and West NJ, in Conne St. Alwins aforsd. &c. Children of sister. Mason and friend John Askew to be paid what is due them by son Fettiplace Bellers.

Execs: Said cousins Jacob Harvey and John Mucklow.

Wit: Henrietta Coock, servant to Mr. Bellers,

John Bellamy, Nathl. Bellamy. August 16, 1725. 

Fettiplace Bellers of the Inner Temple, London, Esq., declared he was the natural and lawful son of John Bellers late of Coln, St. Aldwin, Co. of Gloucester, December'd, who died in April last.


Extract from The Short Journals and Itinerary Journals of George Fox: In Commemoration of ...

By George Fox, Thomas Edmund Harvey page 336.

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