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Samuel Tufnell (1682 - 1758) - Art and Architecture.

 Langleys, Essex.

(not to be confused with Langley Park Norfolk)

Part 2.

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East Front

Image from Aerofilms 1949


The original house at Langleys is of uncertain date, but it belonged to the Everard family in the C16. 

In 1711 it was acquired, along with 87 acres (c 36ha) of land, by Samuel Tufnell who, according to Morant (1768), was the son of a very rich and eminent London merchant.

Tufnell paid £5498

 Tufnell demolished part of the mansion and rebuilt the house in its present form, to designs by William Tufnell (resident architect at Westminster Abbey, no relationship yet proved).

 Whilst work on the house was underway Charles Bridgeman (d 1738) was commissioned to lay out the grounds, although apart from a receipt confirming he was paid £156 7s 2d for the work, no further documents or plans survive to give any detail of what was done (Account book, ERO).

West Front

Engraving of Langleys

c 1819.

The Old Library at Langleys.

Part of the original Everard 17th century house retained by Samuel Tufnell when the house was rebuilt. The superb plasterwork of c.1603.

NB. The white painted plaster bust of Alexander Pope on the bookcase as mentioned in Wimsatt's Portraits of Alexander Pope.

see -

The bust of Pope this time is on the far left on top of the bookcase along with 4 others

A black painted bust and three white painted busts.

Horace, Virgil, and unidentified perhaps Isaac Newton. 

From in English Homes Latham 1907 (see extract below).


Image taken for Country Life 1942

Crop of the above photograph of the Library.


The photograph above and below clearly showing the bust of Pope and bust of Horace (another Horace of this type by John Cheere is at York Museum from Kirkleatham).

The socles of the busts of Pope and Horace match and therefore must have come from the same source (probably John Cheere?).


Photographs from Historic England showing the magnificent plasterwork in the old dining room and library in the earlier part of the house retained by Samuel Tufnell when the house was rebuilt.


Article below from the Connoisseur Magazine January 1958.

A good general introduction to Samuel Tufnell, the Tufnell Family and Langleys.



Langleys, 1907, extract from -

In English Homes Volume II Charles Latham, 1907.

Available online at

Research Notes: lifted entirely from -


John TUFNAILE, esq. of London, merchant, and of Monken Hadley, in the county of Middlesex. 2




John Tuffnayl is named as a beneficiary in the Will of his late sister Katherine Houblon of St. Olave, Southwark, (co. Surrey), widow (proved Jul 1644).




On 24 Oct 1689 John Tufnaile St. Martin Outwich, London was granted Letters of Administration of his late wife Elizabeth's personal estate. 5




Abstract of the Will of John Tufnaile of London, Merchant, written 1 Jul 1699, proved 20 Nov 1699. 6


Desires to be buried in the parish churchyard where he now lives as near to his late wife as possible.


Gives, devises & bequeaths £4,000 to his current wife, pursuant on an agreement made between them shortly before their marriage.


Also gives & bequeaths to her all the pearls, diamonds and other jewells he presented her, and a further sum of £500 in trust for his son Samuel who is not yet 21 years old.


Gives & bequeaths to his brothers[-in-law] Samuel Moyer, Edward Northey and William Jolliffe Esq. all his messuages, lands, tenements and hereditaments until his son Samuel comes of age.


Gives & bequeaths to his daughter Rebecca his best pearl necklace that belonged to her late mother.


Gives & bequeaths to his daughter Elizabeth his other pearl necklace and a pair of diamond pendants that belonged to her late mother.


And as touching and concerning such part of his moneys, goods, chattels and other estate whatsoever which by the custom of the City of London he has the power to give, devise and dispose of, he gives devises & bequeaths the same to his said son Samuel on condition that out of the same he pay to his sisters £4,500 each, and to John's brother and sister Moyer £30, to John's brother and sister Northey £30, and to John's brother Jolliffe £20, to John's brother and sister Merrick £20, to John's brother and sister Burrell £20, to John's cousin John Hiccocks £10, to his cousin Harbert Springet £20 and to his cousins Richard, Anthony & William Springet £10 each, to Mr Barrow, minister, £20, to his cousins George, John & Elizabeth South £10 each, to Dr Fleetwood £20, to John's four servants now living with him £5 each.


And in case after the payment of his debts and funeral expenses and the legacies before given his said son Samuel shall have the remainder of his goods, chattels and personal estate which shall make up his part and share thereof which he can or may claim by the customs of the City of London the sum of £11,000, then he shall pay to his sisters £500 each in addition to what hee has already given them.


Constitutes and appoints his son Samuel executor of his last will and testament.


Appoints his said brothers[-in-law] Samuel Moyer, Edward Northey and William Jolliffe guardians of his said children until his son Samuel reaches the age of 21 years.


Witnesses: Wm Fleetwood, Harbt. Springett, Wm Martin his clerk.



  Marriage Information:


John married Elizabeth JOLLIFFE, daughter of John JOLLIFFE, Alderman of London, Esq., and Rebecca BOOTHBY, on 2 Dec 1680 in St. Martin Outwich, London, England. (Elizabeth JOLLIFFE died shortly before 24 Oct 1689.)


  Marriage Notes:


Deed, 1680 7


Deeds of Messuage, adjoining messuage called "King's Head", and lands (16a.), land (13a.) containing conduit, and messuage called "Kings Head", all in Deptford (co. Kent); and messuage, formerly in 2 tenements, in Monken Hadley (co.Middx.)

[Pre-nuptial Settlement on mar. between John Tuffnayle, merchant, and Elizabeth Jolliffe,, spinster (one of daughter of John Jolliffe, esq., decd.), all of London; recites 1636]




John Tufnaile and Elyzabeth Jollife 3


  Marriage Information:


John also married Lettice MERICK on 23 Aug 1693 in Canterbury, Kent, England. (Lettice MERICK died between 7 Dec 1722 and 21 Jun 1726 in Beckenham, Kent, England.)


  Marriage Notes:


Prenuptial Settlement, 5 Aug 1693 8


(i) John Tufnaile of London, merchant; (ii) Lettice Merick of London, spr.; (iii) Francis Merick of Norcott (co.Middx.), esq.; (iv) Edward Northey of Inner Temple, London, esq.; and (v) Sam. Moyer of London, merchant

Recites intended marriage between John and Lettice; John agrees to spend £7,000 within 1 yr. of mar. in purchasing houses and lands as settlement




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