Friday 5 February 2021

A Mid 18th Century Sculptor's Yard


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An English Engraving of a Mid 18th century Sculptor's Yard.

This engraving is one from a series of the arts which I have been trying to track down for a long time - unfortunately this one has been trimmed and the detail of the engraver and publisher have been lost.

If my memory serves me - it was published by Fenwick Bull of Ludgate Hill who I have touched on before in a post on this blog.

Makes a change from Hogarth! (below).

Note the Rape of the Sabines in the background.

Image courtesey Wellcome Collection

I have seen this image before if my memory serves me it was published by Fenwick Bull

(at The White Horse on Ludgate Hill) along with another engraving representing painting.


The well known Hogarth engraving below from the Royal Collection.

dated 1753

Traditionally called the yard of John Cheere at Stone Bridge, Picadilly.

Depicting the Farnese Hercules, Apollo Belvedere, the Laocoon group, Venus Pudica Antinous and an unidentified Monument.

The gates railings and piers and the lodge suggest the yard is opposite Green Park.

Dated 1753.

I hope sometime in the future to put together a brief history of the Sculptors yards at Hyde Park Corner

A Statuary's Yard

Probably Hyde Park Corner

Thomas Rowlandson 1756 - 1827

undated engraving

A Statuary's Yard

Thomas Rowlandson

Preparatory Sketch undated 

11.7 x 17.8 cms

Image courtesy Huntington Library


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