Wednesday 19 September 2018

Francesco Fanelli (Part 3)

Francesco Fanelli  (c. 1577 - d.1660's?).
"Francisco the One Eyed Italian". 
Portrait busts and other works.

Part 3.

Varie Architeture 
di Francesco Fanelli, Fiorentiono
del Rey della Gran Bretagne

Thieme-Becker states that this work first appeared in 1642, around the time Fanelli left England for Paris. There is no positive evidence, however, and the 1661 ed. (Paris : Van Merle) is more likely to be the 1st ed. (British Architectural Library early printed books 1478-1840, no. 1020). 

The copy in the Avery Architectural Library has no imprint, as is the case with the Getty copy (below), which may be an incomplete copy of the same ed. (16 leaves instead of 20). In the British Architectural Library catalog, it is suggested that the Avery copy was published after Jacques Van Merle's ed. of 1661 and before Nicolas Langlois's division of the plates into 2 publications later in the century (Fontaines et jets d'eau ; Dessins de grottes).

Fountain with the Infant Hercules Wrestling two Serpents.

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