Thursday 15 February 2018

John Locke in Relief

John Locke in Relief.
The Medallions.


This post is part of a much wider study into the portrait sculpture at Oxford University, with particular reference here to the lead Cheere type bust of John Locke at The Bodleian Library and the marble bust after Roubiliac by Edward Hodges Baily at Magdalen College, Oxford.

I am very grateful to Dana Josephson for suggesting the project and for all his assistance.

I would also like to thank Dr Nicolas Bell of the Wren Library; Sir David Clary, Lady Heather Clary and Rachel Mehtar at Magdalen College, Oxford; and Stephen Hebron of the Weston Library for making these posts possible.

From the set of The Medallions of English Worthies c. 1733. 
by Jean Dassier (1676 - 1763).

see my previous post -

John Locke 
Jean Dassier 
c 1733.

The medallic portrait corresponds to that of Locke in an oval frame by Kneller of 1697 in the Hermitage, St. Petersburg. (Eisler)

Obv: Bust of Locke    IOHANNES LOCKE.
Rev: Liberty (Toleration) and Justice (Civil Government) seated upon a sarcophagus. Below is a putto reading; playthings scattered about
Exergue:  M. 1704
Signed:  J.D.
Ref: M.I. ii, 271/72; Eimer 68/413; Storer 2245; Freeman 162/328; Eisler I, 285/6c; Thompson 41/05

These two images courtesy Ben Weiss - I am very grateful for his support and assistance.

I would like to thank Professor Ben Weiss, Emeritus Professor of Pharmacology and Physiology
Drexel University College of Medicine,
 for allowing me to reproduce the photographs and captions and for his support for my projects.

A visit to his website is essential for anyone interested in pre 19th century European Medallions.


John Locke
undated c. 1730
Bronze 42 mm diam.
National Portrait Gallery.

Bronze medal.

John Locke
Bronze Medallion
Jean Dassier
c. 1730.

41 mm
Formerly in the Royal Collection of George III
Given by George IV to the British Museum in 1825
British Museum.


Portrait of John Locke

John Locke
Height 16.5 cms
attributed to Alexander van der Hagen, assistant to Michael Rysbrack.

Thomson Collection
Art Gallery of Ontario

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