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Soane Museum 9 - Plaster Bust of Shakespeare

Soane Museum 9 -
A Plaster Bust of Shakespeare.

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No size given, but presumably the same size as the Garrick Club bust by Shout illustrated below.

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For my previous post on the Shakespeare busts see -

This is a version of the bust of the plaster bust by John Cheere
see the Wedgwood bust illustrated below.

I have written at some length on the various busts of Shakespeare.

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William Shakespeare
Plaster Bust
signed Shout
Height 55 cms

Photograph Garrick Club Website
They say c. 1806 

Presented to the Garrick Club by Thomas F. Savany, 1834, or George Raymond, 1835, or John Poole, 1836.

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William Shakespeare
Plaster Bust
Piertro Sarti
Athenaeum Club
Purchased from Sarti 1830

This bust appears to have been either a cast taken from the Shout bust or using the Shout Moulds

for more detail see my post.


William Shakespeare
Marble Bust

There is no provenance for this bust prior to 1806.

Although the Royal Collection suggest that it is by Cheere - I would suggest that it was sculpted in the Shout workshop in Holburn

For much more on the Shout manufactury see my previous post


The dealer Philip Mould has another version of this bust (below).

William Shakespeare

Height 52 cms including the socle

Again I would suggest that the Shout workshop is possibly the source  - the detail of the dress is very similar -


William Shakespeare
Marble Bust
Trinity College Library


12.75 ins
After The bust by Scheemakers at Trinity College Dublin

Another version of Wedgwood's bust of Shakespeare.
Victoria and Albert Museum
24.4 cms

They say after a cast bought from John Cheere invoiced February, 1774.


William Shakespeare engraved by Gravelot.

National Gallery of Scotland

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