Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Francis Pitsala - Trade Card and a Bust Of Alexander Pope

Francis Pitsala, Figure Maker.

Trade Card of c. 1740 / 50 of Francis Pitsala in the Lewis Walpole Library.Yale.

Note similarity with profile of Pope with the Richardson etching of Alexander Pope on the Trade Card of Francis Pitsala Figure Maker of Dukes Court, St Martins Lane, Opposite the Church.

Etching of a profile of Alexander Pope by Jonathan Richardson c. 1737.

Lewis Walpole Library. Yale.

Horace Walpole.... Anecdotes – Francis Pitsala - d. 10 Nov. 1769. Described as Italian Limner

Dukes Court was a stones throw away from the St Martin's Lane Academy in Peter's Court  and Roubiliac's studio further up St Martins Lane, Westminster.

For his will dated see


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