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The Roubiliac type Lead Busts of Alexander Pope.

The Roubiliac Type Lead Busts of Alexander Pope.

1. A lead bust of Alexander Pope at now at Marble Hill House

A cast of the Shipley Bust Garrick bust but mounted on a square tapering socle.

Wimsatt was unaware of this bust.

Sold Christies 10 Dec. 1987.

See also plaster busts 3 and 4.

As Roubiliac produced works in lead possibly the Milton for Jonathon Tyers at Vauxhall Gardens and certainly the full length figure of Sir John Cass. It is possible that he also superintended the manufacture of this bust.

There is also a very fine pair of lead busts in contemporary dress at the V&A. of Dr Salmon and his wife, which have been ascribed to Roubiliac.


2. A Lead Bust of Alexander Pope, 
Sold Christie's, Lot 104, 10 Dec. 1996.

Wimsatt was not aware of this bust.

The lead bust on a later marble socle appears to be from the middle of the eighteenth century with extensive remains of its original patination and is therefor a candidate for a cast of one of the plasters or a cast from one of the moulds sold at the Roubiliac Sale by Langfords in May 1762. This bust should be compared with the Seward Bust. It is not the same but there are distinct similarities.

The Seward Bust of Pope.
For comparison


                                               The Tufnell Plaster bust of Alexander Pope

This bust is very similar to the plaster noted by Wimsatt 61.11 with John Jolliffe Tufnell, Langleys, Great Waltham. Essex. (See notes on the plaster busts).

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