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Hewetson in Rome (Part 14). Throckmorton.


Sir John Throckmorton, 5th Baronet (1754-1819).

Marble bust.

Christopher Hewtson . (1736 - 98).

Finished by Cristoforo Prosperi.

Signed and dated Rome 1800.

Christophorus Hewetson modellavit Christopherus Prosperi sculpsit 1800.

Coughton Court, Warwickshire.

National Trust.

Purchased in 1992.

There is also a terracotta bust believed to be at Coughton Court.

The first Grand Tour of Sir Thomas Throckmorton was taken between March 1774 and February 1775.

Maria Catherine Giffard half sister to Thomas Gifford who sat to Batoni and Hewetson married Sir John Throckmorton in 1782.

In 1792 after he had succeeded to the Baronetcy, Throckmorton returned to Italy with his wife Maria Catherine, (Mary Catherine Giffard, daughter of Thomas Giffard of Chillington - there is marble bust of him by Hewetson is at Chillington.

See my previous post - for his second Grand Tour from September 1792 - May 1793.

The couple spent the Winter in Naples with and "lived in society" with the Scottish Banker Sir William and Lady Forbes. In April 1793 the two couples were in Rome guided by Patrick Moir and Lady Throckmorton introduced the Forbes to the Arcadian Society.

Sir John kept an "open table" for English Catholics whilst in Rome - a Frockmorton was in Naples by May 1793. (Ingamells).


The Hewetson Inventory of the contents of his studio compiled by Vincenzo Pacetti and Carlo Albacini after his death states that the bust (one of 14 remaining in the studio) was unfinished.

"Altro busto rappresentante il ritratto di Syr John Throgmostron ridotto al punto, che delle sei parti ni sono state fatte quatro e mezza".

The same inscription? appears on a terra cotta bust of Throckmorton which is also at Coughton (see British Art Journal. Suarez Huerta). 

Coughton Court have been contacted and hopefully we will learn more in due course.


For Coughton Court see -

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