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Thomas Ewart - East side of St Martin's Lane.

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More on the inhabitants of St Martin's Lane in the time of Roubiliac.

Thomas Ewart at the sign of The Beehive.

fl 1745 - 1781.

Thomas Ewart, was a publisher and seller of engravings, his premises faced Old Slaughters' Coffee House, were on the East side at the top of St Martin's Lane, near Long Acre, London (1746).

The following addresses for Thomas Ewart probably all refer to the same premises, Hartshorn Lane was renamed Northumberland Street in 1760:

At the Bee-hive near St. Martin's Lane in the Strand (1757).

At the Bee-hive, opposite Hartshorn Lane in the Strand (1759).

At the Bee-Hive opposite Northumberland-Street, Strand (1762-66).

The corner of Hudsons Court near St Martin's Lane, Strand, London (print sold in 1781).

Image from the British Museum.

Dated twice - 1746  in the central cartouche but appears to have been reprinted in 1757.

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