Tuesday 31 October 2023

Roubiliac and John Mealing, Waterman


A Miniature of John Mealing, waterman 

by Ozias Humphrey. 1766.

Exhibited at the society of Artists 1766.

From Notes by Horace Walpole..... on the Exhibitions of the Society of Artists and the free Society of Artists 1760 - 1791

From the Walpole Society Journal.

1766.no 71. A portrait in miniature, good, head of old John, porter of the Academy, this picture was purchased by the King, he had been a waterman, was chosen by Roubiliac for a Model, having been rowed by him to Vauxhall, when he went thither to place his figure of Handel.

[Graves, p. 125, says 'John Mealing, dressed in scarlet lined with fur'. Whitley, p. 370, quotes Walpole 'Good head of Old John, porter of the Academy', and refers to his vol. i, p. 184, where he says that the King bought this picture

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