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Edward Colston by Michael Rysbrack

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Rysbrack and Bristol.

Edward Colston (1636 - 1721).
A Bust and Monument 

by Michael Rysbrack

In no way is this post glorifying the life of Edward Colston or his contribution to the slave trade as a member of the Royal African Company.

I am in full sympathy with the removal of the statue of Colston by John Cassidy in Bristol in 2020.

for a brief life see:

For a brief overview of  Bristol's role in the slave trade see:


The Terracotta Bust

Bristol Museum.

Image from undated Bristol Post 1952


The bust when in position at Armoury Square, Stapleton Road St Paul's, Bristol.

Photographs courtesey Historic England.

Built in 1837

First named Armoury Place in 1849 and finally Armoury Square in 1852. Some of the armour houses do still survive as nos 12,19, 39 and 46, and it was in no. 46 that Mr Packer began his famous chocolate company which is now in Greenbank. Nothing remains of the old armoury building but its memory is kept alive in the local pub, the Armoury Tavern.

A full and detailed history of the armoury and the square, with illustrations, appears in Bristol’s Vanished Georgian Armoury and The development of Armoury Square by John Bartlett and John Penny of Fishponds Local History Society.

The bust was replaced with a fibreglass replica c. 1980.

All photographs above taken from the web.


The Monument to Edward Colston
All Saints Church, Corn Street, Bristol.
The church is closed.

I have tried several times to gain admittance to the church but have been unsuccessful and so the photographs below will have to suffice for the time being. I will try again to gain access in the future.

Photographs above courtesey Flickr


Engraved Illustration plate CXIII from A book of Architecture 
James Gibbs
pub. 1728

available from


Edward Colston

Godfrey Kneller
124 x 100 cms

Purchased in 1694.

St Bartholemews Hospital, London.

Image courtesey Art UK


Engraving afterJonathan Richardson 
by George Vertue 

 Edward Colston (1636-1721)

Jonathan Richardson  (1667–1745)
 Oil on canvas.

                Height: 124.5 cm (49 in); Width: 101 cm (39.7 in).

Collection City Hall, Bristol.          


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