Tuesday 20 November 2018

John Vanderstein at Queens College Oxford. Part 6, Archbishop Thomas Lamplugh.

John Vanderstein 
at Queen's College, Oxford. 

Part 6. 

The Eight Statues on the West Front of the Library. 

 Thomas Lamplugh (1615 - 91).
Archbishop of York

Fellow of Queen's College.

A famous religious "runner with the hare and hunter with the hounds"

I am very much indebted to Dr Graeme Salmon, Curator of Pictures at Queen's College, Oxford for making me welcome at Queen's and for making this work possible.

This blog entry is part of a much larger work investigating and recording the 17th and 18th Century portrait sculpture at Oxford. This project was suggested to me by Dana Josephson of the Bodleian Library, Oxford, who is currently in the process of cataloguing the portraits at the Bodleian and to whom I extend my heart felt thanks.

Thomas Lamplugh  was educated at Queen's College Oxford, was Principal of St Alban Hall and Archdeacon of London from 1664 to 1676. He was Dean of Rochester from 1673 to 1676, Bishop of Exeter from 1676 to 1688 and Archbishop of York in 1688.


All photographs above taken by the author.


Thomas Lamplugh

by Peter Vanderbank (Vandrebanc) 1649 - 97),
 after Sir Godfrey Kneller, Bt
Line engraving, late 17th century
392 mm x 278 mm paper size


Thomas Lamplugh
Oil on canvas.
74.9 x 60.8 cms
York Museum Trust

Image courtesy Art UK


Thomas Lamplugh
After Kneller
Oil on canvas.
123.8 x 100.3 cms

Queen's College, Oxford

Image courtesy Art UK


Thomas Lamplugh
After Kneller
Oil on Canvas
73.3 x 61.5 cms 

Queen's College, Oxford

Image courtesy Art UK



Thomas Lamplugh, Archbishop of York.
Monument in York Minster
Attributed to Grinling Gibbons.


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