Thursday 10 May 2018

Sir John Mason bust by John Cheere Codrington Library, All Souls, Oxford

The Codrington Library 24 Plaster Busts by John Cheere

All Souls College, Oxford University.

Part 25. Sir John Mason (1503 - 66).

First Lay Chancellor of the University of Oxford 1552 -56 and 1559 - 64.

MP for Reading 1547.

For a useful biog. from Dictionary of National Biography 1909 see -

For a good general history of All Souls see - 

All Souls College by C.Grant Robertson 1899
available on line and easily searchable.


Sir John Mason (1503–1566).jpg

Posthumous portrait of Sir John Mason
attrib. Samson Strong
Oil on Panel.

88.8 x 71.2 cms

Commissioned by the Governors in 1607.

Christs Hospital, Abingdon.

The Cheere bust below is obviously derived from this portrait.
I can find no other contemporary or 18th century images of Sir John Mason.

Tomb of John Mason; a wall monument of an inscribed tablet, with a tall base and tall entablature, containing a coat of arms with mantle, helm, and crest of a mermaid holding a mirror; two cartouches at top, on the left with coat of arms, and on right inscription in memory of John Mason; illustration to William Dugdale's 'History of St Paul's' (London, 1658 ed.)  Etching

Monument to Sir John Mason
St Paul's Cathedral

Image British Museum

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