Tuesday 31 October 2017

Two Statues of Queen Caroline

Queen Caroline
Monument at Stowe.
Portland Stone
Attributed to Rysbrack



Queen Caroline
Henry Cheere
Queens College

Over the Gate way of Queens College, underneath a cupola facing onto the High Street.
Presented to the college in 1735 by the Provost Joseph smith in recognition of the queens gift of £1,000 to the building fund of the college in 1733.

Dr Magrath in The Queens College says that the cost of the statue was £125 - the design was approved by Dr George Clarke and Sir James Thornhill.

A Black plaster bust in the Lower Library is of the Queen and is perhaps a study for the head of this statue.

Info above from Catalogue of Portraits... Oxford,. Mrs Reginald Lane Poole, pub Oxford 1925.


Pages below from The Queens College Vol II by John Richard Magrath DD, pub. Oxford. 1921.

see - The Queens College, John Richard Magrath, 1921 available on line at


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Photographs here by William Fox Talbot. 1843.

William Henry Fox Talbot: Part of Queens College, Oxford, September 1843


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