Friday, 25 November 2016

Jonathan Swift by Roubiliac, Trinity College Library, Dublin.

The Marble Bust of Jonathan Swift
by Louis Francois Roubiliac,
circa 1748/49. 
Trinity College Library, Dublin.
Photographs taken by the author 4 October 2016.

 Sources for Trinity College Library Roubiliac bust of Swift.
Jonathan Swift
after Charles Jervas
engraved by Paul Foudrinier
Plate 355 x 262 mm
 © National Portrait Gallery, London
Jonathan Swift.
after Charles Jervas (1675 - 1739).
Engraved by George Vertue.
Plate size -372 x 262 mm.
First quarter of the 18th century.
© National Portrait Gallery, London
The two engravings above would appear to have been the sources for the Roubiliac Busts of Swift.
Jonathan Swift
Mezzotint after Markham
signed Vanhaeken.
This engraving is much closer to the Cunningham bust and was probably the source for it.
Jonathan Swift, by Thomas Burford, published by  John Bowles, after  Markham, 1744 - NPG D40800 - © National Portrait Gallery, London
Mezzotint after Markham
Thomas Burford
dated 1744
Pub Bowles London
Plate size - 351 x 249 mm.
For an Article by Malcolm Baker on the Trinity College Library busts  

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