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Highmore and his Paris Journal

Joseph Highmore and his Paris Journal.
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I have in the past posted pages on this blog on Highmore and his visit to Paris in 1734
and his letters of introduction particularly from Roubiliac and Gravelot. This is the first reference to Roubiliac in London other than his appearance on a list of members of White Bear Freemasons Lodge. This list should perhaps be treated with some scepticism as it is a copy and was perhaps written some time after 1730. (see below).
Roubiliac provided Highmore with a letter of introduction to the Sculptor Bousseau.
The Gentleman's Magazine April 1780, Memoires of the Late Joseph Highmore.
One of the four Aitches - the great English painters of the mid 18th Century.
Hogarth, Hudson, Highmore and Hayman.
File:Highmore Joseph-Self-Portrait.jpg
Joseph Highmore
Self Portrait
49.8 x 39.8 cms
National Gallery of Victoria Melbourne Australia
Graphite ink and watercolour.
108 x 99 mm.
Tate Gallery London.
Presented by Mrs Joan Highmore Blackhall and Dr Rosemary B. McConnell 1986 
Prov: By descent from the artist to the donors 
Lit: C.R. Beard, ‘Highmore's Scrap-Book’, Connoisseur, vol.93, 1934, pp.290–7, ‘
Highmore's Drawings for Pine's Processions and Ceremonies’, Connoisseur, vol.94, 1934, pp.9–15;
Alison S. Lewis, Joseph Highmore 1692–1780, PhD thesis, Harvard 1975 (University Microfilms International, Ann Arbor 1980), I, pp.230–1, II, pp.650–6, 659, III, figs.263–77, 279;
E. Einberg and J. Egerton, The Age of Hogarth: British Painters Born 1675–1709, Tate Gallery Collections, 11, 1988, pp.64–71, all but last six repr.; Warren Mild, Joseph Highmore of Holborn Row, Ardmore 1990
Although not specifically catalogued as such I believe this wonderful drawing to be a self portrait in later life  by Highmore.
The Artists Wife and Children
Joseph Highmore
Art Gallery of South Australia
Miss Susanna Highmore
The Artists Daughter
National Gallery of Victoria Melbourne Australia
The Artists Son
Joseph Highmore
National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia.

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