Tuesday 11 October 2016

Bust of Lord Chesterfield by John van Nost III in the RDS Dublin.

A Marble Bust of Philip Dormer Stanhope
Lord Chesterfield
by John van Nost III in the RDS.
The Royal Dublin Society.
(Dublin Society commenced 1731)
It became the Royal Dublin Society 2nd April 1750.
Lord Lieutenant of Ireland.
President of the (Royal) Dublin Society 1745 - 46.
The bust was commissioned from van Nost in 1769.
He was paid 35 guineas.
The features of this bust should be compared with those on the bust of Chesterfield by Joseph Wilton.
It is almost impossible not to reach the conclusion that the van Nost bust is a version of Wiltons undraped marble bust in the British Museum. Se my post to come.



Lord Chesterfield by John van Nost III photographed by the author 4 Oct 2014.

I am very grateful to Gerard Whelan, Librarian for allowing me the opportunity to visit the RDS
and to various members of staff for making the visit so pleasurable.
For the useful History of the Royal Dublin Society, by Henry Berry pub. 1914 see
I will be posting further pages of the busts of Madden and Prior by John van Nost III and other busts and sculpture at the RDS when I can find the time.


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