Monday 21 December 2015

The Rysbrack Statuettes of Rubens, van Dyck and du Quesnoy, Part 26, Soane Museum van Dyck..

 A Plaster Statuette of van Dyck
After Michael Rysbrack 
in the Soane Museum, Lincoln's Inn Fields, London.
The Plaster Statuette of van Dyck after Michael Rysbrack in the Monks Parlour at The Soane Museum Lincoln's Inn Fields.
Height 23 inches.
Head has been off and the left arm is missing as has the van Dyck at Stourhead - again even in the best ordered households it is very easy for these statuettes to sustain damage which explains why so few have survived.
This statuette was bought at the Cosway sale (Mr Stanley 22 - 24 May 1821, bought by a Mr Watson on behalf of John Soane. It was placed in the Monks Parlour by John Soane.
A very big thank you to Stephen Astley of the Soane Museum who provided me with the information and photograph.
Copyright - Soane Museum.
A recent photograph of the Monk's Parlour.

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