Thursday 19 November 2015

The Rysbrack Statuettes of Rubens, van Dyck and du Quesnoy, Part 18, The Terracotta Statuettes of Rubens by Rysbrack.

The Terracotta Statuette of Peter Paul Rubens
at the Musee d'Ixelles, Brussels.
 After Michael Rysbrack.
A cast taken from the Original Terracotta by Rysbrack.

Height 60 cms.
The Original Terracotta of Rubens by Michael Rysbrack on the left.

The cast from the original on the right -
The original 66cms tall. the cast 60cms tall.
see previous posting for details of the original.

The Terracotta cast in The Musee d'Ixelles, Brussels (detail of photograph below).
The Terracotta in The Musee d'Ixelles, Brussels,

Photograph taken in 1956.


A more recent photograph supplied by the museum of their terracotta which is a reworked cast taken from the original statuette of  Rubens by Michael Rysbrack.  


Details of the impressed mark on the backs of the two statuettes and the signature on the side of the column plainly showing that the Musee d'Ixelles figure has been cast from Rysbracks original.
The difference in height of the two figures is roughly 10% confirming that this is the case. 10% shrinkage in the kiln is considered normal.
Comparison of the two figures with each other suggests a certain amount of hand finishing of the museum example particularly on the collar, but close examination of the tool marks especially around the impressed inscription reveals that the d'Ixelles museum example is definitely cast from the original.
Certainly if it was made with a piece mould then a certain amount of refinishing would be required to disguise the seams of the piece mould.

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