Tuesday 15 September 2015

Cabinet de L'art de Schulpture

Cabinet de L'Art de Schulpture.
Francis van Bossuit (1635 - 1692).
Published Amsterdam 1727.
Frontispiece - I am including this remarkable engraving for several reasons, not least because it depicts a female sculptor and her rather risqué subject

Allegory of sculpture by Geronimo (Girilamo) Pischi.
detail of above.
A Painted version by Pischi
Private Collection.
Cabinet de l'Art de Schulpture [sic] / par le fameux sculpteur Francis van Bossuit ; executé en yvoire ou ebauché en terre ; gravées d'apres les desseins de Barent, Graat par Matthys Pool
A collection of 91 engravings illustrating the sculptures of the Flemish sculptor Francis Bossuit (Born in Brussels 1635, died Amsterdam 1692). He was famous for his ivory sculptures. During his youth and after he lived and worked in Italy. He was brought to Holland by Bonaventura van Overbeek .
Some of the sculptures represented here are identified and can be traced in famous collections. E.g. Plate X (David sees Bathseba , Wallace collection). Plate XXIII (Adonis death , Rijksmuseum). Plate XXV (Christ on the cross , Bruxelles, Musée du Cinquentenaire). See Van Bever '' Les Tailleurs d'Yvoire...'' Bruxelles, 1946. pp 31-36. 

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