Wednesday 26 August 2015

Queen Phillipa or Catherine Parr ( not positivelyidentified) Terracotta bust from Queen Carolines Library , Destroyed in 1906.

Unidentified Terracotta Bust
Queen Philippa or Katherine Parr.

Attribution suggested by the Keepers of the Royal Collection.
Webb, Country Life, 1954 suggests Kathererine Parr.
One of The Seven Terracotta Busts by Michael Rysbrack,
From Queen Caroline's Library 
Accidently Destroyed when a Shelf Collapsed
at Windsor Castle in 1906.
The Original Photographs were taken by Livingstone in 1874 for a royal inventory.

The busts had been moved to Windsor Castle in 1825 when Queen Caroline’s library at St James’s Palace was demolished.  
Royal Collection Trust / © HM Queen Elizabeth II, 2015.
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