Monday 20 January 2014

Coade Stone Relief of Alexander Pope


The Coade Stone Rondel of a Relief of Alexander Pope.

Coade Stone Rondel of Alexander Pope c.1790 -. in a private collection Jan. 2014.
15 inches diameter.

Perhaps by John Bacon 

There is another at Saltram in Devon. A cast of this will be available.

See Mrs Coade's Stone. Alison Kelly. 1990.

Loosley based on the Dassier medal (see Wimsatt) but perhaps modelled by John Bacon - The Chief modeller at Coade's Lambeth manufactury.

Medallion by Jacques Antoine Dassier
bronze medal, 1741
2 1/8 in. (54 mm) diameter
Given by Jacob Simon, 1993
NPG 6236
 For Comparison - The marble relief from the monument to Alexander Pope
in St Mary's Church,Twickenham 
by Prince Hoare of Bath
Commissioned by William Warburton

Mid 19th Century engraving showing the original appearance of the monument to Alexander Pope. 

A Matching Coade Stone Rondel of Hercules c 1790.

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