Monday 27 January 2014

Terracotta Self Portrait bust by Michael Rysbrack

                       A Michael Rysbrack Self Portrait.
                                Bust in Terra Cotta.

Photographs taken 27th May 2013.

Michael Rysbrack (1684 – 1770), Self-portrait (detail), terracotta, 60,5 x 50 x 26 cm.
Circa 1730. Collection of Charles Van Herck,
at Bonnefantenmuseum, Maastricht.






There are over 50 terracotta statues on display in the exhibition The Van Herck collection - Terracottas from the 17th and 18th century in the Bonnefantenmuseum. The statues were part of the impressive collection of the Antwerp art connoisseur and collector Charles Van Herck (1884 – 1955). A small selection of his collection, which his relatives placed in the custody of the King Boudewijn Foundation in Brussels, is usually on display in the Museum of Fine Arts in Antwerp. As the museum is currently undergoing renovation, this summer the Bonnefantenmuseum is exhibiting a larger selection from this collection and making it accessible once again to a wide public.

Michael Rysbrack by Soldi at Yale.


Michael Rysbrack.

from the picture archive of London dealer Philip Mould.
They suggest - circa 1735 by John Vanderbank.

35 1/2 x 27 3/4 inches 90.2 x 70.49 cm

Provenance:Sir George Leon, Bt., Christie's, Lord Major's Appeal fund for the Duke of Gloucester's Red Cross and St. John's Fund 12 July 1940, Lot 859 (45 gns. to Stuart Wortley); 

The Hon. Clare Stuart Wortley; Christie's, 30 October, 1942, Lot 92.

 A Conversation of Virtuosi ...... at the Kings Arms
by Gawen Hamilton, NPG.

   Attributed to Gawen Hamilton - oil on canvas; Size 61 x 72 cm.

This unfinished work may be related to Gawen Hamilton's celebrated Assembly of Virtuosi of 1735 (National Portrait Gallery) see above. The Assembly was etched by Richard Sawyer and published by W.B. Tiffin, on 1 May 1829. The etching identifies eight of the fifteen sitters, including the painters Dahl, Laroon, Hamilton himself and Vanderbank; the architect William Kent; the sculptor Rysbrack; the gardener, Charles Bridgeman, and an unknown 'Gibbons'. Although the etching calls the group simply 'A Society of Artists', it has been suggested that they may be 'Rosacoronians', members of the Rose and Crown Club. The names from the print have been copied out at the top left corner of the painting. The list may have been invented.

From the Ashmolean Museum Website

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