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Palmer, Glass Merchant 118 St Martin's Lane, North Corner Hemmings Row.

 Palmer, 118 St Martin's Lane, on the North Corner of Hemmings Row.

First mentioned as a supplier of Coloured Glass to Horace Walpole in 1747.

Horace Walpole bought the four-acre estate of Strawberry Hill between Twickenham and Richmond in 1747. Thereafter he radically enlarged both the existing house and grounds, remodelling the former into a gothic fantasy castle. Part of the interior decoration saw the purchase and installation of hundreds of panels of displaced stained glass, much of it from the Low Countries. 

For the first phase of work (1750–1754) Walpole used Mr (George) Palmer, of St Martin’s Lane, to set the panels in plain deeply coloured glass, which showed off the pale roundels to great effect.

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Phillip Palmer died 1832.

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The last of  Palmer's building on the Corner of Hemmings Row and St Martin's Lane, Opposite Chandos Street. 

Charles James Richardson.

Published here with permission.

Visible on the hoarding is the board telling of the removal of Palmer's business.

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