Saturday 10 February 2024

.Hewetson in Rome (Part 18 ) Bust of Grand Duchess Maria Feodorovna,

Christopher Hewetson a Sculptor in Rome (Part 18).

Sophie Marie Dorothea Auguste Louise of Württemberg.

Christopher Hewetson.

It is inscribed

Christophorus  Hewetson  Hibcrnus  fecit Romae  mdcclx.\xiiii (Info Ref Burlington Mag. January 1917.

Currently Gatchina Estate. St Petersburg, Russia.

The royal couple were on their grand tour of Europe in 1781-1782. 

The marble was in the palace in the reign of Paul I. It was on the list of valuable objects that Maria Feodorovna compiled during the 1812 war. 

The bust was in the Bedchamber of the Empress Maria Feodorvna in the middle of the 19th century.

Currently the best photographs available.

 Sophie Marie Dorothea Auguste Louise of Württemberg.was born on 25 October 1759 in Stettin, Kingdom of Prussia.

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