Thursday 27 August 2020

Monument to William Hilliard by Thomas Paty

Monument to William Hilliard d.1735.
Carved by Thomas Paty (1712/13 - 1789).
South Aisle
Lord Mayor's Chapel, Bristol.

For the Paty dynasty of Bristol sculptors and architects see:
The Paty Family - Makers of 18th Century Bristol by Gordon Priest pub. Redcliffe Press, 2003.

Curiously no date c 1735 - 40.

Not mentioned in the Dictionary of Sculptors in Britain.... pub Yale 2009
Thomas Paty worked under John Wood architect, of Bath on the ornament on the Bristol Exchange 1744, on Redland court and Chapel (1740 - 43) Clifton Hill House, Clifton Bristol designed by Isaac Ware and the Royal Fort House Bristol designed by James Bridges.
He was resposible for a large number of church monuments in the West Country but this is by far the biggest and most eleborate. I am not aware of any other portrait busts by Thomas Paty.


Thomas Paty was responsible for the excellent carved woodwork at Redland Chapel.
see my previous post.

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